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March 15th


Digital Marketing


Content Marketing Campaign

Innovative and effective content marketing strategies that engage audiences and achieve business goals

Email Advertising

Targeted and personalized email campaigns that drive conversions and build customer loyalty

Live Streaming Experience

Extraordinary live streaming events or platforms that provide immersive and engaging experiences

Mobile Ad Marketing Campaign

Campaigns that effectively engage audiences, drive results, and deliver a superior user experience

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Well-crafted and targeted PPC ads that drive traffic and convert visitors into customers

SEO Strategy

Comprehensive and effective SEO strategies that improve website visibility and organic traffic

Influencer Partnership

Outstanding brand-influencer collaborations that create authentic and engaging content for target audiences

Video / Advertising

Marketing campaigns that achieve business goals, like brand awareness, lead generation, and sales

Video Ad or Pre-Roll

Visually engaging social media videos or ads that capture attention, tell stories, and drive results

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Engaging video ads or pre-rolls that tell stories, promote products or services, and drive conversions





Media Comms


Chatbot Experience

Engaging and informative chatbot integration that improves the user experience

Live Event Coverage

Comprehensive and engaging live coverage of events, such as concerts, conferences, and sports

Podcast Series

Well-crafted and informative podcast series that entertain and educate listeners

Radio/Podcast Commercial

Creative and effective radio or podcast commercials that reach target audiences and drive results

Sponsored Blog

Informative and engaging blog posts that promote products or services to a relevant audience

Television/Streaming Commercial

High-impact and appealing television or streaming commercials that tell stories and drive results

Web Series

Entertaining and informative web series that captures attention and engage audiences


Educational and informative webinars that deliver valuable content to target audiences

Web Design

User-friendly and visually appealing web design that engages visitors and achieves business goals

360° Video Campaign

Immersive and engaging 360° video campaigns that tell stories and transport viewers to new places





Strategic Campaign


Brand Transformation

Comprehensive and strategic campaigns that reposition and reinvent brands

Branding Campaign

Creative and effective campaigns that build brand awareness and strengthen brand identity

Consumer Engagement

Interactive and engaging campaigns that build relationships with consumers and drive loyalty

Employer Branding

Attractive and compelling campaigns that promote a company as a great place to work

Green Marketing

Marketing campaigns that promote sustainable and environmentally friendly products or services

Influencer or Celebrity Endorsement

Authentic and engaging campaigns that leverage the influence of social media influencers and celebrities

Integrated Marketing

Coordinated campaigns that leverage multiple channels to reach target audiences and achieve business goals

Partnership or Co-Branding

Strategic partnerships which use mutually beneficial campaigns to reach new audiences and drive results

Personalization Campaign

Targeted and relevant campaigns that tailor messages to individual consumers

Product Launch

Engaging campaigns that generate awareness and excitement for new products or services





Print Media


Advertising/Print Photography

Compelling and creative print photography that tells stories and sells products or services

Billboard or Out-of-Home Campaign

High-impact billboard or Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns that reach target audiences and drive results

Book Cover or Poster Design

Striking and informative book cover or poster designs that grab attention and communicate key messages

Brochure or Catalogue Design

Brochure or catalogue designs that showcase products or services and provide valuable information

Direct Mail Campaign

Targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns that reach target audiences and drive results


Visually appealing and informative infographics that communicate complex information in a clear way

Logo Design

Unique and memorable logo designs that represent a brand’s identity and values

Packaging Design

Functional and visually appealing packaging designs that protect products and boost sales

Print Campaign

Integrated and strategic print campaigns that leverage multiple print channels to reach audiences

Print Advertisement

Creative and effective print advertisements that tell stories, engage audiences, and drive results





Digital Media


Digital Publication

Engaging and interactive digital publications that inform and entertain readers

Digital Signage

High-impact and appealing digital signage that delivers messages to target audiences in real time

Interactive Website Design

Engaging and interactive website designs that provide users with a rich and immersive experience

Interactive/Animated Infographic

Visually appealing and interactive infographics that communicate complex information in a clear way

Logo Animation

Dynamic and engaging logo animations that bring brands to life and capture the viewers attention

Mobile App Design

User-friendly and visually appealing mobile app designs that provide users with valuable experiences

Motion Graphics

Visually appealing and informative motion graphics that communicate messages in a dynamic and engaging way

Social Media Advertisement

Targeted and engaging social media advertisements that reach relevant audiences and drive results

Social Media Video

Creative and effective social media videos that tell stories, engage audiences, and drive results

3D Graphics

Realistic and immersive 3D graphics that bring products, services, and concepts to life





Retail Media


Audio Integration

In-store audio integration that delivers targeted messages and enhances the shopping experience

Brand Collaboration

Partnerships with brands to create exclusive products, experience, and promotions for shoppers

eCommerce Experience

Seamless and engaging eCommerce experiences that make it easy to find and purchase products

Interactive Media

Interactive media that engages shoppers, provides product information, and drives sales

mCommerce Experience

Optimized and engaging experience that makes mobile product purchase easy and convenient

Omni-Channel Experience

Integrated omni-channel experiences that provide shoppers with consistency across all channels

Point of Sale Display

Eye-catching and informative point of sale displays that promote products and encourage impulse purchases

Retail Campaign

Integrated and strategic campaigns that leverage multiple retail channels to reach target audiences

Use of Shoppable Content

Integration of shoppable product into digital experiences, allowing direct purchase from content

Video Integration

Integration of video to engage shoppers, provide product information, and drive sales





Emerging Technology


Audio Brand Identity

Unique and memorable audio branding that creates a distinct and consistent identity for brands

AR/VR Experience

Immersive and engaging AR/VR experiences that bring brands to life and connect with consumers

Games/Gamification Experience

Entertaining and educational gaming experiences that promote brands and engage consumers

Holographic/Projection Technology

Engaging holographic and projection technology that creates unique and memorable experiences

Metaverse Experience

Engaging and interactive experiences that transport consumers to new and exciting worlds

NFT Integration

Integration of NFTs into marketing campaigns and experiences to create unique and valuable offerings

Phygital Experience

Hybrid physical and digital integration that creates immersive and engaging experiences for consumers

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing

Leveraging AI to personalize marketing messages, automate tasks, and optimize campaigns

VR Advertising Campaign

Immersive and engaging VR advertising campaigns that reach target audiences and drive results

Virtual/Hybrid Event or Conference

Online or hybrid events and conferences that allow people to connect and engage from anywhere





Non-Profit Campaign


Awareness Outreach

Campaigns that raise awareness of important social issues and encourage people to take action

Cause-Related Marketing

Partnerships between brands and non-profits to raise awareness and funds for important causes

Corporate Social Responsibility

Campaigns that promote social responsibility and environmental sustainability with businesses

Crisis Management

Campaigns that help non-profits respond to and recover from crises

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Campaigns that promote diversity and inclusion in non-profit organizations and the communities they serve

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Campaigns that promote ESG responsibility with non-profit organizations

Fundraiser Campaign

Campaigns that raise money for non-profit organizations to support their programs and services

Social Impact Marketing

Campaigns that use marketing strategies to promote social causes and achieve positive social change

Social Outreach/Social Causes

Campaigns that use social media to raise awareness and support for social causes

Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

Campaigns that recruit and engage volunteers to support the work of non-profit organizations





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